Tailored solutions for specific client needs

We divided our expertise into three different brands to better address the needs of each client. Though they all support our mission to empower users, they provide tailored solutions for specific client needs.


The original founding of the Synetik group, created to passively enhance the wellbeing of users in the workspace. Intended for industrial settings, our ErgoDesign products ease the physical hardships of office work and noticeably improve user performance.

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Our specialty line of chairs and tables for domestic users with unique needs. Designed to enhance their capabilities and facilitate interactions, our ErgoCare products provide users with the utmost support in all aspects of their daily lives.

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Our hub of innovation, this division is comprised of industrial consultants who are always at the forefront of our field. Created to best serve companies with unique needs or challenges, our ErgoSolutions team provides solutions that enhance the wellbeing and performance of employees.

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Enhance the daily potential of our users

Our three specialty divisions are held together with the same convictions. Each stems from our desire to champion the human body and enhance the daily potential of our users. It is our great unifier—this wondrous, limitless, versatile body that we all inhabit.

Global Individuality

We celebrate the unique differences of each and every individual, in both our products and our process. Our teams believe it’s possible to fulfill every person’s potential with the same tools and they strive to prove it everyday.

Responsible Innovation

Synetik was created with the sole purpose of endlessly improving the lives of others. We believe it’s our responsibility to shape spaces that are human-centric and empower them to accomplish more. To do so requires constant creativity and insight, but it is always worth it.

Specialized Collaboration

Though each member may be hyper-specialised within a specific domain, it is the sharing of ideas and insights that produces regular innovation. Trusting, initiating, exchanging, and supporting enliven every process. These are the interactions that permeate our work.


Explore the Synetik Journey

From our humble beginnings when our founder was blueprinting innovative designs, to the present day as we shape the wellbeing of our users, we invite you to explore the journey that has led us to the forefront of our industry.

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